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United Cash For Cars is a car removal and  truck wrecking company located in Geelong, Australia. Our team of experts includes experienced mechanics and technicians who provide top-notch services in the car removals and auto wrecking industry. We offer free truck removal services throughout Geelong and the surrounding areas. Once we have your truck, we carefully dismantle it and recycle all of the usable parts. We also have a wide range of high-quality used parts in our inventory and offer a 90-day warranty on all purchases. In addition to selling parts, we also provide repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of trucks. Our team can handle regular maintenance to more extensive repairs like engine and transmission replacements, so you can keep your truck on the road and support your business.

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Hassle-free Old Car Disposal in Geelong

 We perform old car disposal following all the safety and eco-friendly guidelines put forward by the Auto Recyclers Association of Australia (ARAA). The following are the steps involved in our scrap car recycling service.

  • After that, we perform a detailed inspection of each vehicle. We ascertain the condition of each component.
  • We then segregate the non-usable parts based on their types. Non-metal parts are sorted out and stored or sold. On the other hand, we take metal parts for crushing and shredding.

We buy any make and modals

United Cash For Cars is surely one of the best if not the best car removal company in Geelong. We provide swift car removal and hassle-free pick-up. And at the same time, we also pay top cash for cars in Geelong. Our highly experienced professionals help you dispose of your unwanted car in a safe & secure manner.

United Cash For Cars offers top-dollar cash even for useless junk cars and trucks. You don’t have to worry a bit about your unwanted cars no matter what condition. We will certainly pay cash on the spot.

Our interest is not just in buying your unwanted vehicles, but we also feel responsible for the environment at the same time. 

United cash for cars and towing geelong - auto wrecked whicle
United Towing Geelong tow truck assisting a broken-down car on a highway

United Cash for Cars Geelong's – Free Car Removals

No matter where your cars are parked, our Cash for Cars Geelong service covers you. Our industry experts will come to you with towing trucks and sophisticated tools to provide a free car removal service.

And believe us, the process involved here is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Even if your car is parked on the road we can assist you at any time of the day or night.

In order to provide the best cash for scrap cars, our staff work round the clock to provide the towing facilities at any hour of the day or night. You are just a phone call away from car removal in Geelong and its surroundings 

Just give us a call and we’ll make you an offer for commercial vehicles. After all, United Cash For Cars is the leading car removal company around.

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We pay top dollar for scrap cars and provide eco-friendly disposal, offering both monetary and environmental benefits. For Cash For Cars services in Geelong, contact United Cash For Cars and Towing United Towing Geelong anytime. We offer cash for scrap cars and free removal throughout Geelong. Reach us by phone or email.

United cash for cars and towing geelong - auto wrecked whicle

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We pay instant cash of up to $9999 for old cars.

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While buying cars we don’t get finicky over make/year/model and condition.

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We offer free car removal services.

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We buy all kinds of vehicles like SUVs, trucks, vans, crossovers, etc.

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